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Deadline: May 10 2018

What's the best or strangest event you've seen on or over the water?
Details: Let us share some of nicest or strangest sighting we've had while on patrol. I didn't see this one, but it …
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Deadline: Feb 18 2018
SAR, Mission, Report

SAR / Mission
Details: Let everyone hear your story about the last SAR or Mission you were on. This could be an early morning …
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Deadline: Feb 11 2018
CGAux Videos

Best Videos
Details: Give us your best videos from out on the water or during an inspection or training exercise.
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Deadline: Jul 06 2017

Alameda County Fair
Details: Duration: Jul 05 2017 to Jul 12 2017 Details: Get ready for the Best. Summer. Ever. as the 2017 Alameda …
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Deadline: May 13 2017
Disaster, hurricane, storm, nor'easter,

Hurrican Season is here. Post your photos/video
Details: Share your photos, Videos and stories from any significant event in your area. Seeing the actual conditions …
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Deadline: May 11 2017

Local Meetings
Details: Share your local meeting information. Wha t you did. Where you did it With Photos and Video too
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Deadline: Mar 18 2017

Vessel Inspections - Best - Worst or just plain strange
Details: Let us learn from your experiences. Share you Best Vessel Inspection photos or videos And let us see …
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Deadline: Feb 07 2014
Sandy  Hurricane  Flooding

After Sandy left
Details: All the posts you want to contribute on happenings during and after Sandy. ANTON pictures etc are …
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Deadline: Aug 31 2012

OpSail 2012
Details: We have supported OpSail in each of the ports. Share your photos, videos and stories on each of their …
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