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Flotilla 2-10

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 By: coastie210
 Published: Nov 29 2012

Tuesday, December 4, 2012 will be the elections for Flotilla Commander and Vice- Flotilla Commander. All members are asked to be there, do the elections can take place. The meeting starts 7:30pm at the Wissoming Yacht Club.


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Congratulations goes out to our Flotilla Commander, Scott Olsen. He received his ribbon and metal for vessel examiner award.

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Congratulations to our Flotilla Commander Scott Olsen who has reached two millstones in his Auxiliary career. He has received a certificate of service for being involved for 15 years and 750 hours of service. Congratulations Scott

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Congratulations to Scott Olsen and Michael Casey who are the Flotilla Commander and Vice-Commander. Best of Luck to the both of you

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