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 By: Gary W. Frank Gumata
 Published: Nov 23 2016

Commodore Ankrum, you have the helm.

There has been a Change of Watch for District 14. I take this opportunity to thank everyone for two years of hard work, consensus building and strong spirit. It has truly been an honor and a pleasure serving our Coast Guard by and through the Auxiliary. Our members demonstrate their adherence to the core values each and every day. They promote fellowship in a way that is unique to our islands from American Samoa to Hawaii and across the vast Pacific to Guam and Saipan. District 14 has the largest area of responsibility with one of the smallest teams in the nation. Our members stand undaunted by statistics as they accomplish an array of missions on a daily basis.

We have been blessed with a Director who guides and supports along with an OTO who is enthusiastic as well as armed with deep knowledge and experience. The collaboration has been a positive force that continually strives to marshal and deploy resource. The DIRAUX team has contributed immeasurably to our cause and to our collective success.

The Board has been dedicated and constant in applying effort to getting out the message as well as getting things done. We have an incredible amount of talent and are fortunate to have capable succession. It is exciting beyond words to see people develop leadership. This talent is not universal, nor easy to draw out. I believe the Auxiliary attracts and fosters leadership because of the nature of the organization. Like the Coast Guard, we are close knit and fleet of foot. This institutional agility spawns leadership from the lowest level with the participation in the GAR. We are taught to be vocal yet respectful members of a team at the onset. This nurtures leadership in the ranks. Everyone has the opportunity to take the helm. This is diversity in action.

For all these reasons, I am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this remarkable family. I wish fair winds and following seas for the new District 14 Board.

Congratulations and Semper Paratus!


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