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Valley Fire Evacuation Support team

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Fletcher, Schoonover, Golubski, Benson, Brown, Gillgren
 By: musicmanjer
 Published: Oct 07 2015

The devastating Valley Fire in Lake County California displaced almost 1000 people from its start on 12 September to 24 September and burned anything in its path in a 64 square mile area. Northern Ca. Auxiliary volunteers put together a task force to assist the evacuees at the Calistoga Fairgrounds evacuation center. COMO Rich thomas, himself an evacuee, put the wheels in motion for the Auxiliary to assist in both Napa and Lake counties. Assigned as unit Unit Leader, VFC Jerry Gillgren from Napa Flotilla 5-2 worked with team members to assign whatever tasks needed to be done and work with the EOC to acquire critical information to spread to the supporting staff and evacuees. The operation lasted 10 days and helped support 996 evacuees and over 15 different supporting relief organizations and law enforcement.


Rate It: 0  |   0  Report Abuse By: Carl Dougherty   Posted: Feb-06 2:02 PM

Great Job auxiliary staff. Great Job FC Brown. USCG auxiliary

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