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2014 Madisonville Wooden Boat Festival

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2014 Madisonville Wooden Boat Fest
 By: VFC 4-11
 Published: Sep 15 2014

Good Afternoon to All,

Just as a reminder, Division 4 leadership is placing a heavy emphasis on Division-wide participation by ALL HANDS in support of the Madisonville Wooden Boat Festival held on October 11-12, 2014.

This annual endeavor will be benefitting the Lake Pontchartrain Maritime Museum and Research Center.

This is an excellent opportunity for community support for a cause that is close to home as well as an incredible platform for community relations, AUX exposure as well as Coast Guard (Gold Side) involvement. Although most of the PSA's will be handled internally through the Maritime Museum, we will list/post information on our AUX Facebook pages and other social media outlets for the widest possible dissemination to the RBS public.

Let's show D8CR what Division 4 can do in a large scale event such as the Madisonville Wooden Boat Festival. For more information, you may go to:

Only 25 days left until WBF 2014. Your assistance in this endeavor is greatly appreciated. Thanks for all you do in AUX. Have a great and safe AUX day. Semper Paratus.

Best Regards Always,

Emile Scamardo, FC
Flotilla 4-11


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