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Assignment:Vessel Inspections - Best - Worst or just plain strange

Deadline: Mar 18 2017
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Category: Vessel Inspections

Strange Nav Lights

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View of both nav lights
 By: tanneruscg
 Published: Jan 05 2014

While conducting vessel safety checks at a local county lake. I discovered this very unique nav light configuration on a pontoon boat. If you look close at the pictures you can see that his port and starboard sidelights are solar powered yard lights with red and green colored cellophane inside the lens. I gave the boater kudos for ingenuity but Unfortunately had to fail his VSC. the lights did not have the correct arc of vid ability and since they were solar they were on whenever the sun was down reguardless if the vessel was underway or not.


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Thanks This is a nice report with photos I hope he fixes the view angles and an on off switch.

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