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Division 41 Change of watch

 By: Eric Larkey
 Published: Jan 15 2013

Division 41 held their change of watch on Sunday 13 Jan

Flotilla Awards

1st Place for PA went to 41-04
1st Place for PV went to 41-04
1st Place for OP went to 41-01
1st Place for MT went to 41-11
1st Place for PE went to 41-07
1st Place for VE went to 41-11

Individual Awards

MT Larry Hulina 41-11
OPS-Coxswain P. Brad Feinberg 41-04
OPS-Crew Sean Connell 41-11
PA Eric Larkey 41-04
PE A. J. Kerley 41-07
PV Eric Larkey 41-04
VE Roy Shiflett Jr. 41-11
Most Active Sean Connell 41-11

Division Awards
Leadership Randy Podolsky 41-05
RBS Award P. Brad Feinburg


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